Metallic Flooring

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16 year

Residential Warranty

Guaranteed not to peel, chip or yellow under normal use for 16 years from installation by our professional team

High-End Metallic Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Coatings are a great, high-end flooring solution for many surfaces.  Metallic Epoxy gives you a high gloss and durable flooring option perfect for garages, game rooms, offices, walkways, and much more. Metallic coatings offer many of the same great benefits of our flake systems such as moisture resistance, chemical and UV resistance, and is easy to clean.

  • Unique Wicking Technology
  • Chemical Resistant
  • ​Tough and Durable
  • ​Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • ​Easy on Feet
  • ​Elegant and Easy to Clean
  • ​Non Yellowing

Before & After

Game Room Concrete Flooring Being PreppedGame Room Metallic Concrete Flooring
Rough Garage Floor Before CoatingGray epoxy garage floor after coating process

The Concrete Coating Process



We diamond grind your complete concrete surface to ensure maximum adhesion with our product.



We patch any cracks, holes, or pitting that the floor may have. Cracks and pitting in concrete is often caused by moisture or shifting.



Once the floor is ground and patched, we apply our direct to concrete moisture-wicking basecoat.


Chip Coat

This is the color and texture of spread the decorative, colored flake at 100% broadcast, covering the entire floor. Our basecoat is comprised of 100% solids and has moisture blocking qualities that will block out up to 8 pounds of MVE (Moisture Vapor Emissions) per square inch. This gives your floor texture and protection from future alkali or other moisture related damages.



Once the basecoat is dry, we scrape the flake smooth and collect any extra flake that was layered on the floor. This removes any loose flakes from the chip coat and provides a clean layer for a complete coverage of the clear coat.


Clear Coat

We then apply two coats of a 100% solids, non-yellowing polyaspartic top clear coat. These topcoats give the floor added protection from anything spilled or dropped onto the floor while maintaining a high-gloss look.